All-SOC Baseball awards

Division 1

First Team

Tanner Mays (Symmes Valley), Dillon McFann (Symmes Valley), Cameron Meadows (Symmes Valley), Conner Phipps (Clay), Brody Riffe (Clay), Hayden Baker (Notre Dame), Tyson Montgomery (Notre Dame), Ethan Leist (Eastern), Trevor Carver (Green), Akia Brown (East), Bailey Henderson (Western), Cody Poole (Glenwood).

Second Team

Jacob Klaiber (Symmes Valley), Trent Thompson (Symmes Valley), Michael Gleason (Clay), Zack Phillips (Clay), Tyler Speas (Notre Dame), CJ Corns (Notre Dame), Dalton Tomilson (Eastern), Josh Karshner (Green), Taylor Appling (East), Brandon Brewster (Western), Tyler Shonkwiler (Glenwood).

Player of the Year- Tanner Mays (Symmes Valley)

Pitcher of the Year- Dillon McFann (Symmes Valley)

Co- Coaches of the Year- Chad Renfroe (Symmes Valley), Mark Cottle (Clay)

League Records- Symmes Valley (12-2), Clay (11-3), Notre Dame (11-3), Eastern (8-6), Green (8-6), East (4-10), Western (2-12), Glenwood (0-14).


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